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About the Service

Property fraud is when someone illegally uses your property for financial gain.  It occurs when someone records a fraudulent document in the County Recorder's Office, making it look like they own your home or property.

According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime.  To address these concerns, Lori Martin the Clare County Register of Deeds has teamed up with Fidlar Technologies to create an e-mail or voice mail notification service to help alert property owners or their designee when a real estate document containing their name is recorded.  This service is known as Property Fraud Alert (PFA) and is free of charge for Clare County property owners.  The alert will provide a document number, document type and other pertinent information.  If you don't remember this transaction taking place you are given numbers to call to obtain more information and suggestions as to what steps to take. 

To learn more, see the Property Fraud Alert Question & Answer Sheet  
or for information on what to do if you receive a PFA alert notification see Alert Suggestions.  To sign up for Property Fraud Alert.