Board of Commissioner's Meeting: January 20, 2021




Finance Committee Meeting: January 11th, 2021




Board of Commissioner's Meeting: December 16th, 2020




Finance Committee and Special Board Meeting: November 13th, 2020




Finance Committee Meeting: November 2nd, 2020




Board of Commissioners Meeting: October 21st, 2020




Finance Committee Meeting: October 19th, 2020





Board of Commissioners: September 30th, 2020




Finance Committee Meeting: September 21st, 2020



Board of Commissioners: September 16th, 2020

*please note this video was edited to remove content from a member of the public which most people would consider to be obscene, as well as said content being potentially illegal to upload/host. 



Board of Commissioners: September 9th, 2020



Finance Committee: September 8th, 2020



Board of Commissioners: August 19th, 2020



Finance Committee: June 1st, 2020



Board of Commissioners: May 20th, 2020



Finance Committee: May 18th, 2020



Special Budget Meeting: May 5, 2020



Finance Committee: May 4th, 2020



Board of Commissioners Special Meeting: April 24th, 2020



Board of Commissioners: April 22nd, 2020



Finance Committee: April 15th, 2020



Finance Committee: March 30th, 2020



Board of Commissioners: March 30th, 2020